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This page contains pictures and information about Concealer Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
This is a very large moth family, they are common in Australia but not in the other parts of the world. Adult Concealer Moths are small to medium size. The head is usually covered with smooth hairy looking scales. When rest, they usually held the antenna backwards along the edge of wing. Some species held wings roof-like and some held wing flat back over body. One special characteristic is they have the upturn pointed stickle-shaped palpi in front of their head. They are not active fliers, usually found resting on plants during the day.
DSC_6505.jpg (55511 bytes) DSCN1842.JPG (42767 bytes) PC9_0057.jpg (122745 bytes)
Different forms of Concealer Moth caterpillar's case. 
The caterpillars are usually small and hairless, have wide variable of "concealed" habits, from spinning leaves together to constructing various forms of cases. Some of them feed on decay plant materials. 
Lycid-mimicking Moth
DSC_1797.jpg (322101 bytes)  DSC_1796.jpg (259467 bytes)
Snellenia lineata, Stathmopodinae, body length 8mm 
This is a small moth mimicking a Lycid Beetle. It has the Lycid brick-red colours. Its antenna, head and thorax all look similar to Lycid. What are the advantages of mimicking a Lycid Beetle? Please check this page for more information.
Purple-banded Concealer Moth
DSCN0447.JPG (71479 bytes)  DSC_2128.jpg (66689 bytes)
Chrysonoma fascialis, subfamily Oecophorinae, body length 20mm
Photos taken in Karawatha Forest on August 2007. The moth is banded in purple and yellow colours. Please also check this page for more pictures and information.
Bird-dropping Concealer Moth
DSCN9348.JPG (102085 bytes)  DSC_7362.jpg (93927 bytes)
Zonopetala clerota, subfamily Oecophorinae, body length 15mm
The moth in the above photo just came out from pupa and not moved a bit even our disturbs. Picture was taken in Karawatha Forest during early summer. This moth looks very similar to the Bird-dropping Lichen Moth. Please also visit this page for more details.
Concealer Moth
DSC_8360.jpg (70617 bytes)  DSC_8357.jpg (77045 bytes)
? Eulechria platyrrhabda,  subfamily Oecophorinae, body length 15mm
Pictures taken in Bulimba Creek near Yimbun Park on Oct 2007. 
1. Eulechria platyrrhabdia Insects of Townsville, Australia - Graeme Cocks, 2004
Concealer Moth
DSC_6858.jpg (63305 bytes)  DSC_6866.jpg (73695 bytes)
? Phytotrypa sp. or Philobota sp, subfamily Oecophorinae, body length 15mm
Quite a number of this moth found in Karawatha Forest on August 2007. 
Concealer Moth
PWC_6829.jpg (111904 bytes)  PWC_6831.jpg (89885 bytes)
Prionocris sp., subfamily Oecophorinae Sep 2007
Concealer Moth
DSC_1250.jpg (142586 bytes)  DSC_1251.jpg (112736 bytes)
? Prionocris sp. or Garrha sp., subfamily Oecophorinae Dec 2007, Karawatha Forest, She-oak Area
Small Gum Tree Borer Moth
Cryptophasa balteata, subfamily XYLORYCTINAE, body length 20mm
This is a male moth with forewings and hindwings shiny white in colour, with three black dots on middle of each forewings and a line of black dots around the margin. Their caterpillars live in Gum tree trunk, feed on wood and bark.
1. Cryptophasa balteata - Caterpillars of Australian Moths - Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2004. 
White Concealer Moth
? Eochrois callianassa, body length 20mm
PC9_1141.jpg (72329 bytes)  PC9_1142.jpg (83546 bytes)
Photos taken in Anstead Forest on Apr 2009.  
1. Eochrois callianassa (Meyrick, 1883) - Caterpillars of Australian Moths - Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2008.

Caterpillar in tube
DSCN1839.JPG (52883 bytes)  DSCN1842.JPG (42767 bytes)
Hemibela sp., tube length 10mm
Caterpillars of genus Hemibela live in tube. They make a hollow tube from small twig and live inside as protection. They change tube when they grow up. They pupate inside the tube as well. All of them feed on gum leaves. More information and pictures can be found in this page.
Caterpillar in Snail-shaped case made of dry leaves
DSC_6505.jpg (55511 bytes)
Aristeis sp. or Eulechria sp., subfamily Oecophorinae, case dia 10-15mm
Caterpillars in this two genus feed on green gum leaves. They construct a helical case with dry leaves, which resembles snail shell and live inside as protection.
1. Moths of Australia - I. F. B. Common, Melbourne University Press, 1990, p224.
Concealer Moth Caterpillar
PC9_0054.jpg (150060 bytes) PC9_0055.jpg (103974 bytes) PC9_0057.jpg (122745 bytes)
? Chrysonoma fascialis, subfamily Oecophorinae, Case length 10mm 
The larvae live in portable cases formed from teo irregular pieces cut from leaves of Eucalyptus or Lophostemon on which they feed. 
1. Moths of Australia - I. F. B. Common, Melbourne University Press, 1990, p223.
Unknown Caterpillar build retreat between leaves
wpe22.jpg (24763 bytes) wpe24.jpg (32492 bytes) DSCN0736.JPG (93986 bytes)
?sp., body length 20mm
This caterpillar builds retreat with silk between two leaves. They look like the caterpillars in this family, but not so sure. Please advise if you know what species it is.
PC9_1077.jpg (127387 bytes) PC9_1076.jpg (122160 bytes)

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