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Plume Moths - Family Pterophoridae

Order Lepidoptera

This page contains pictures and information about Plume Moths in Family Pterophoridae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Wingspan 20mm 
This is a small moth family. Moths in family Pterophoridae are known as Plume Moths. Plume Moths are from small to medium in size. They are easily recognized. When rest, they hold out their wings hight and at right angle to their long thin body. They have simple and short antenna. Their legs are long. Their wings are narrow and with one to two clefts.
The caterpillars are usually with short hairs on body. They feed on flowers and leaves openly during daytime.  

Plume Moth I
Stangeia xerodes, wingspan 20mm 
1. Moths of Australia - I. F. B. Common, Melbourne University Press, 1990, fig.53.5.
Plume Moth II
P1020580.jpg (247794 bytes) P1020582.jpg (221461 bytes)
? sp., wingspan 20mm 
Plume Moth III
SocrpionFly2.jpg (164243 bytes) SocrpionFly1.jpg (207253 bytes)
? sp., wingspan 20mm 
This moth comes to window light at night. We often see them outside our windows in mid summer.

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