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Wood Moth, Goat Moth - Family Cossidae

Order Lepidoptera

This page contains pictures and information about Wood Moth and Goat Moth - Family Cossidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Moths in the family Cossidae are from large to very large size. They have long and narrow wings like those of Hawk moths. They are mostly brown or grey in colours. Most have the inverted "U" shape on thorax. When rest, they held their wings roof-wise. The adult moths in this family do not feed so their mouth parts are largely reduced. 
Caterpillars in this family are living or dead trees borer. They live, feed and pupate inside the wood. When emerge, they leave the empty pupal case sticking out of the hole on tree trunk. Those caterpillars are smelly so their other common name Goat Moth. 
PWC_7839.jpg (224877 bytes) PWC_8011.jpg (211209 bytes) PWC_8012.jpg (198434 bytes)
Empty pupal shell found near the base of a large She-oak tree (Casuarina sp.)

Goat Moth
PWC_7651.jpg (189057 bytes) PWC_7660.jpg (223461 bytes)
160mm wingspan, Endoxyla affinis (Xyleutes affinis), Zeuzerinae 
The moths have long narrow wings and are mostly dark grey in colour. There are the dark patch on forewings and dark lines on each side of thorax. Pictures taken near Bulimba Creek in Wishart bushland on Nov 2008. The moth was resting on a large fig tree trunk. The right forewing was damaged and the moth seemed not like to move very much. When disturbed, it drop onto the ground and played dead. It walked back onto the tree trunk a minute later. More information can be found in this page.

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