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Snout Moths - Family Lasiocampidae

Order Lepidoptera 

This page contains pictures and information about moths and caterpillars in family Lasiocampidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Snout Moth Caterpillar 
The Caterpillars of this family are medium to large size, usually have flat body. Most of them are hairy with short dense hairs. Most have a pair of dorsal glands on abdomen. Many have flaps of skin overhanging their prolegs. They like to lie along twig and camouflage as part of the twig during the day. They feed on leaves during the night. Most species caterpillars feed on leaves of myrtaceous plants. They pupate in silk cocoon. The Lasiocampid cocoons are usually large and tough but clear of caterpillar's hairs. 
DSC_6141.jpg (251836 bytes) DSC_6120.jpg (268359 bytes) DSCN0338.jpg (330772 bytes)
Male with board pectinate antenna                        Cocoon                                                                Female and male
The adult moths in family Lasiocampidae are large in size. They have woolly and stout body and most are pale orange brown to grey in colours. They have elongated mouth parts which makes them look like they have long noses, hence their name Snout Moths. However, adults in this family do not feed. The males are fast-flying moths while the females have larger sluggish body. Males have board pectinate antenna which bent in the middle. Females have narrower pectinate antenna. When rest, they like to hide their antenna under wings. They hold the board wings roof-wise back over body. They are mostly active at night and often come to light.
There are two sub families, the Gastropachinae and Lasiocampinae.

Subfamily Gastropachinae

There is only one genus Pernattia in this subfamily Gastropachinae.
She-Oak Moth Caterpillar
wpe1E.jpg (28885 bytes) wpe20.jpg (28967 bytes)
Pernattia pusilla, length 20mm 
The caterpillar has large head with black and white hair. The body is brown in colour with two small red knobs on the back of each segment. There are the black tuft of hairs on the back of abdominal segments one and seven. It feeds on various species of She-Oak (Casuarina) including Australian Pine. Please check this page for more information.

Subfamily Lasiocampinae

Gumtree Snout Moth I
DSC_1944.jpg (119009 bytes) DSC_2222.jpg (225915 bytes)
Entometa apicalis,  male wingspan 70mm           female wingspan 90mm
The adult moths are large, hairy and stout, have elongated mouth parts, which makes them look like they have long noses, hence their name "Snout Moths". Please visit this page for more pictures and information. 
Gumtree Snout Moth II
wpe6.jpg (38902 bytes) DSCN7349.jpg (322117 bytes)
Entometa fervens, caterpillar length 60mm, adult wingspan 60mm, subfamily LASIOCAMPINAE
This is a large caterpillar has a pair of dorsal glands on abdominal segment eight and a pair of erectile on the metathorax. The caterpillar feeds on Eucalyptus. The adult moth is  pale brown in colour with brawn dots pattern. Its hind wings are pale orange. It has a snout body. More pictures and information please click on here
Gumtree Snout Moth III
DSC_6120.jpg (268359 bytes) DSC_6145.jpg (282713 bytes) 
Entometa sp. body length 30mm
We found the cocoon on July 2010 on gumtree leaves. The moth came out from the cocoon a week later. Please check this page for more information.
Porela Snout Moth
DSCN0338.jpg (330772 bytes) DSCN0337_Thaumetopoeinae.jpg (335834 bytes)
Porela sp., body length male 20mm, female 30mm 
Male and female of this species are different in size but similar in colours. This pair of moths were found on the door steps in front of our office in Eight Mail Plains. The door steps were under a fluorescent lamp. Please check this page for more information.
Unknown Lasiocampid Caterpillar 1
PWC_9318.jpg (214591 bytes) PWC_9320.jpg (164562 bytes)
? sp., length 30mm
We believed this is a Snout Moth Caterpillar but do not know the ID. Please advise if you know any the above this caterpillar. Please check this page for more infromation.
Unknown Lasiocampid Caterpillar 2
wpe2A.jpg (24842 bytes) wpe6.jpg (46819 bytes) 
? sp., length 30mm
This caterpillar is very common in Brisbane Eucalypt forests. We are not sure if this is a Snout Moth Caterpillar. Please advise if you know any the this caterpillar. Please check this page for more information. 

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