Pyralid Moths 
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Yellow-brown Pyralid Moth
Yellow-red Pyralid Moth
Gragaloo Pyralid Moth
Grass Caterpillar
Brown-yellow Pyralid Moth
Beet Webworm 
Tree Lucerne Moth 
Bird-Dropping Pyralid Moth 


Pyralid Moths - Family Pyralidae

This page contains pictures and information about Pyralid Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Pyralidae is a very large Moths family. Moths in this family usually rest with wings in triangular shape and put the first pair of long legs in front, the two antennae pass top of their head and pointed backwards. They are from small to medium in size and have relatively long legs.
Pyralid caterpillars have many different types of habits. Most are concealed leaf-feeder, living in shelter of leaves tied with silks, in silken webs or in leaf cases jointed by silk. Some bore in stems or fruits while some live in plant materials on ground or in soil.

Subfamily Epipaschiinae

Moths in this subfamily may be confused with those in family Noctuidae. They have tufts of raised scales on fore wings. They may be in grey of brown, or greenish lichen-like patterns. They usually rest on tree trunk during the day. Caterpillars live among leaves webbed together with silk.
Bird-dropping Pyralid Moth
wpe1.jpg (22920 bytes) wpe3.jpg (30862 bytes)
Orthaga seminivea, subfamily Epipaschiinae, length 25mm 
Pictures taken outside our house during mid summer. This is a rainforest species. This moth is black and white in colours, mimics bird-dropping. The Caterpillars live in a shelter of host plant leaves joined by silk. Check this page for more information.
Colourful Pyralid Caterpillar
wpe1.jpg (36671 bytes) DSC_0742.jpg (430351 bytes)
Salma pyrastis, subfamily Epipaschiinae, length 30mm 
Caterpillar pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest during mid summer 2005. The moth is brown in colour with yellow patterns on hind wings. In the second photo, the caterpillar was running very fast that we could not even take a better photo before it climbed to the tree top. Please check this page for more information.

Subfamily Endotrichinae

Reddish-brown Pyralid Moth
DSCN9529.JPG (65788 bytes) DSCN9529.jpg (236621 bytes)
Endotricha ignealis, body length 20mm
This is a reddish-brown moth. Picture taken on Sep 2005. Please check this page for more information.

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