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Family COSMOPTERIGIDAE - Narrow-winged Moths

Order Lepidoptera

This page contains pictures and information about Moths in family COSMOPTERIGIDAE that we found in Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Moths in this family are from very small to small in size. They are usually black, grey or white in colours. The labial palps are long and recurved. The wings are long and narrow.
The larvae are borer in stems, seeds or forming galls. Some are predators of scale insects.

Small Banded Moth
DSC_4105.jpg (271531 bytes) DSC_4104.jpg (273173 bytes)
Macrobathra callispila, body length 10mm
From reference infromation their larvae feed on Acacia and tie those leaves together for shelters. Please check this page for more information.
Narrow-winged Moth
DSC_0490.jpg (381380 bytes) DSC_0491.jpg (342903 bytes)
Cosmopterix sp., body length 10mm
Cosmopterix is a large genus of tiny narrow-winged moths. They can be recognized by their dark wings with transverse markings, with fine white lines and metallic scales. Head and thorax often have longitudinal white lines. Please check this page for more information.

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