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Forester Moths - Family Zygaenidae

Order Lepidoptera 

This page contains pictures and information about Forester Moths - Family Zygaenidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
The moths in this family are from small to medium in size. They are usually in  metallic blue, green or black colours. They have thickened antenna. They are active during the day.
Caterpillars are short and board in body shape with head retracted into prothorax. The body is covered with short dense hairs. They feed at night on leaves or flower buds.  

Forester Moth I
DSCN1897.JPG (53474 bytes) DSCN1899.JPG (45080 bytes)
Pollanisus sp., body length 20mm 
Pictures taken in Karawatha Forest on Sep 2006. 
Forester Moth II
DSC_4646.jpg (276934 bytes) DSC_4643.jpg (302057 bytes) DSC_4636.jpg (234866 bytes)
Pollanisus sp., body length 15mm 
Pictures taken in JC Trotter Memorial Park on OCT 2011.
DSC_4642a.jpg (221719 bytes) 

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