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Tropical Tiger Moths - Family Aganaidae

This page contains pictures and information about Tropical Tiger Moths in Family Aganaidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Aganaidae caterpillar 
This family is very closely related with family Arctiidae and sometimes put as its sub-family. The moths are brightly coloured in orange, yellow and black. Most of them active during the day. They are medium to large size and have broad colourful wings. 
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They have strong proboscis (mouth parts). They usually have simple antennae and held them over head. 
The caterpillars are sparsely hairy. They feed openly on leaves during the day. They pupate in cocoon on ground among plant materials. Most of the caterpillars in this family feed on Fig Tree leaves.

Two-spots Tiger Moth
wpe4.jpg (21508 bytes) wpe1.jpg (30392 bytes)
Asota plagiata, body length 25mm 
The moth has brown forewings with veins visible in white colour, and a white spot in the middle. Please click on here for more information.  
Yellow Tiger Moth
wpe6.jpg (23103 bytes) wpe17.jpg (27294 bytes)
Agape chloropyga, body length 40mm                  Caterpillar length 30mm
The moth is yellow in colour with five orange spots on each forewing and some small black dots on thorax. Its abdomen is yellow with black bands and a dark blue end. Their caterpillars are brown in colour with sparse hairs. They feed on Fig Tree leaves. More information please visit this page.
Grey Tiger Moth
P1020849.jpg (213159 bytes) P1020847.jpg (205377 bytes)
Digamma marmorea, body length 25mm
Pictures were taken on Apr 2010 outside office. Please check this page for more information.

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