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Leafhoppers - Subfamily Tartessinae

Family Cicadellidae

This page contains pictures and information about Leafhoppers in Subfamily Tartessinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Tartessin Leafhopper nymph 
The leafhoppers in subfamily Tartessinae are usually wedge-shaped ranging from 2 to 12mm in body length. They have a distinctly heart-shaped pronotum. They may be found on leaf on tree trunk on host plants, mostly are eucalypts.  
Those ants around them are for their excretion of 'honey-dew', which is the excess sugar that the treehoppers do not need. The presence of ants discourage predators, this becomes a kind of protection from the ants. 

Yellow Head Leafhopper
  wpeB.jpg (52038 bytes)
Brunotartessus fulvus, body length 8mm
This four Leafhoppers were found on a large leaf near a pond in Wishart. They just rest, may be feeding, on the leaf. A couple of hours later, we came back and check the leaf, they were still there. The second picture shows two nymphs, the picture was taken on late spring where we found adults and nymphs at the same tree. More information in this page.
Brown Leafhopper 1
wpe1A.jpg (27800 bytes)  wpe21.jpg (33184 bytes)
Alotartessus iambe, body length adult 15mm, nymph 10mm
This Leafhopper is common on young tree stems in Brisbane Eucalyptus forest. They are attended by different species of ants. The nymph was found on the same small tree. We believe they are the same species, although their body colour were quite different. More information please visit this page.
Brown Leafhopper 2
DSC_4276.jpg (187703 bytes)
Neotartessus flavipes, body length 8mm
Pictures was taken in Ford Road Conservation Area on Dec 2008. The leafhopper is dull brown in colour, with white dots on dark brown veins. Check this page for more information.
Green LeafhopperNymph on Acacia leaf
wpe1.jpg (27558 bytes)  wpe3.jpg (38631 bytes)
? sp., family Cicadellidae, body length 10mm
Pictures taken in Karawatha Forest on early summer. We believe this is the nymph in family Cicadellidae. 

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3. The Tartessinae of Australia, New Guinea and some adjacent Islands (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) - Evans, F. 1981- Pacific Insects 

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