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Green Face Wattle Hopper - Hackerobrachys viridiventris 

(former Olonia viridiventris)

Family Eurybrachyidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Green Face Wattle Hoppers that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia
Female, body length 11mm 
Green Face Wattle Hoppers can be found on wattle trees, either on leaves, stems or tree trunk. They have the bright yellow-green frons and bright green abdomen. The forewings are pale brown with veins in dark brown. There is the small white mark towards the apex of the forewings. Hind wings are uniformly blackish brown. Legs are all brown in colours.
DSCN7732.jpg (357593 bytes) DSC_9121.jpg (294740 bytes) DSCN7730.jpg (374906 bytes)
Female abdomen is bright green in colour. The face of the head is also brightly yellow-green.
DSCN6479.jpg (441163 bytes) DSCN6480.jpg (320930 bytes) DSCN6478.jpg (292418 bytes)
Male look about the same and less colourful. 
DSCN7726.jpg (342287 bytes) DSCN7725.jpg (349166 bytes) DSCN7724.jpg (239881 bytes)

DSCN7723.jpg (376138 bytes) DSCN6481.jpg (307243 bytes)
wpe15.jpg (32455 bytes) wpe6.jpg (19322 bytes) DSC_3836.jpg (192460 bytes)
In Brisbane two planthopper species can be found on wattle stems. This species is less common than the Spider-face Wattle Hopper, although still not too difficult to find.
wpe1F.jpg (40938 bytes) wpe8.jpg (24289 bytes) DSC_4132.jpg (178477 bytes)

Face changed yellow

On Oct 2007, we found one adult, believed was a female, with bright yellow face. Its powder-green abdomen was large. It could be about to lay eggs on the tree trunk.
DSC_9121.jpg (96893 bytes) DSC_9123.jpg (104963 bytes) DSC_9114.jpg (122091 bytes)
In above photos the planthopper shows the bluish-green and yellowish-green the abdomen. The white abdomen tip indicated the female is about to lay eggs.  
DSC_9125.jpg (314029 bytes) DSC_9120.jpg (267760 bytes) DSC_9118.jpg (284734 bytes)
Most hoppers lay eggs on large tree trunk covered and protected with white powder materials. However, those eggs are still subjected to the parasite by wasps.

The Nymph

wpe19.jpg (23643 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (18352 bytes) DSCN6491.jpg (319153 bytes)
Those nymphs were found on the same host-plant with adults. They usually were found resting on stems or leaves. 
PWC_7383.jpg (117645 bytes) PWC_7385.jpg (150478 bytes) DSC_9589.jpg (325942 bytes)

The Host Plants 

Black Wattle
wpe16.jpg (63451 bytes) wpe1.jpg (37980 bytes)
Acacia leiocalyx subsp. leiocalyx, family Mimosaceae
Golden Wattle
wpeC.jpg (62624 bytes) DSCN7731.jpg (321813 bytes) wpeE.jpg (39422 bytes)
Acacia fimbriata, family Mimosaceae
wpe10.jpg (80230 bytes)  
Golden Wattle flowering in winter

Reference and Link:
1. Hackerobrachys viridiventris Australian Biological Resources Study, Department of the Environment and Heritage. 
2. Hackerobrachys viridiventris (Stål) - Fletcher, M.J. (2009 and updates). Identification keys and checklists for the leafhoppers, planthoppers and their relatives occurring in Australia and neighbouring areas (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha). 

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