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White-marked Gum Hopper - Platybrachys leucostigma

Family Eurybrachyidae  

This page contains pictures and information about White-marked Gum Hoppers that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

Female, body length 20mm 
White-marked Gum Hoppers are dull brown in colour. Head is dull brown with the large frons and pair of eyes which also are dull brown. Legs are reddish brown in colours. Forewings are mostly dull brown with small white dots. On forewings there is a larger white spot at the mid upper half and a even larger white spots at the lower half on wings edge when the two wings meet. Towards the wing tip it is darker brown in colour with two narrow white band narrowly jointed together. The abdomen is pale yellow to bright yellow. 
DSCN2193.jpg (266081 bytes) wpe19.jpg (52154 bytes)
Female                                                                       Male                                                                           Nymph


wpe17.jpg (48870 bytes) wpe19.jpg (52154 bytes)
Nymph, body length10mm
The nymph pictures were taken on the same gum tree trunk with the adults early summer. We believed they are the same species. 


DSCN2192.jpg (309284 bytes) DSCN2193.jpg (266081 bytes) DSC_2134.jpg (211805 bytes)
We found this male White-marked Gum Hopper in Brisbane Forest Park on a large gum tree trunk during mid September. Male look about the same as female but a bit darker brown in colours and with a white band on the middle of forewings outer edge. 


PC9_1097.jpg (103054 bytes) PC9_1099.jpg (149809 bytes)
Matured females usually have the white waxy materials on it abdomen tip.
wpe8.jpg (39305 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (52043 bytes) PC9_2338.jpg (209913 bytes)
wpe13.jpg (55345 bytes) wpe15.jpg (85263 bytes) PC9_1093.jpg (233784 bytes)
We usually found this White-marked Gum Hopper on smooth bark gum or gray gumtree trunk.  
DSC_8314.jpg (190756 bytes) DSC_8316.jpg (124137 bytes) DSC_6020.jpg (142964 bytes)
DSC_3018.jpg (358463 bytes) DSC_3015.jpg (253202 bytes) PC9_2333.jpg (215849 bytes) 
PC9_2335.jpg (227186 bytes) PC9_2334.jpg (225869 bytes) PC9_2329.jpg (250708 bytes)
DSC_3133.jpg (325484 bytes) DSC_3021.jpg (390159 bytes) PC9_2325.jpg (326142 bytes)
DSC_3325.jpg (360287 bytes) DSC_3327.jpg (384322 bytes) DSC_3329.jpg (266854 bytes)

1. Platybrachys leucostigma - Insects of Townsville, Australia - Graeme Cocks, 2004.
2. Species Platybrachys leucostigma (Walker, 1851) - Australian Faunal Directory, Australian Biological Resources Study, 2008.   

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