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Eye-patterned Gum Hopper - Platybrachys vidua

Family Eurybrachyidae

This page contains pictures and information about Eye-patterned Gum Hoppers that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

Body length 15mm
Eye-patterned Gum Hoppers are brown in colour. The frons is greenish-brown. Abdomen is mostly black. All legs are brown. Forewings are reddish-brown with two black spots near the wing tip. Each black spot encloses with either two or three tiny white dots. The fore-wing tip margin is even in darker brown colour. Hind wings are smoky dark colour.
DSCN3855.jpg (377193 bytes) DSCN3854.jpg (393385 bytes) wpe20.jpg (32950 bytes)
This planthopper rests on tree trunk heading either upwards or downwards. When moves, it moves backwards-forwards so sideway. Together with the eye-patterns on it forewing tips, it gives the impression of the tail is its head. This make the insect looked lager. 
wpe17.jpg (41920 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (50368 bytes) DSCN0553.jpg (322712 bytes)
We noticed that some other species, including the Platybrachys decemmacula, also have the same behavior and wing eye-patterns. Since the eye-patterns are four eyes in a row, which make us think that they may mimic the face of a Huntsman Spider. Huntsman Spider has four eyes in a row at the front of its face and wait for prey on tree trunk.   
DSCN0530.jpg (373985 bytes) PWC_9546.jpg (147500 bytes) DSCN4910.jpg (333572 bytes)
We found many of them on gum tree trunk in Alexandra Hill during later summer. 
DSCN0516.jpg (299961 bytes) DSCN0520a.jpg (303383 bytes) DSC_4187.jpg (159528 bytes) 
This planthopper is mostly found on smooth bark gum trees. 
DSC_0462.jpg (345852 bytes) DSC_4520.jpg (279156 bytes) DSC_2980.jpg (323726 bytes)
DSCN1922.jpg (334073 bytes) DSCN1924.jpg (349574 bytes) 


wpe1.jpg (29292 bytes) wpe5.jpg (27715 bytes) wpe1.jpg (26329 bytes)
Early summer in Karawatha Forest, we found the above planthopper nymph on Bottlebrush Callistemon stem. We noticed it was a large nymph and could be turn into adult very soon. We brought it home. A few days later, it turned into a Eye-patterned Gum Hopper adult.
PWC_5974.jpg (130096 bytes) DSCN0528.jpg (176368 bytes) 

1. Platybrachys vidua - Insects of Townsville, Australia - Graeme Cocks,2004.
2. Species Platybrachys vidua Stål, 1863 - Australian Faunal Directory, Australian Biological Resources Study. 

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