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Black Bess Beetle - Mastachilus sp.

Family Passalidae

This page contains information and pictures about Black Bess Beetles in family Passalidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length  40mm
The Bess Beetle is shiny, black to dark brown in colours with parallel grooves on wing-covers. There is a small horn on its head. 
PWC_9152.jpg (207435 bytes) PWC_9145.jpg (155035 bytes) PWC_9130.jpg (134847 bytes)
On Jan 2009 in Brisbane Koala Bushlands near Burbank, we found two Bess Beetles got caught on spider web. One beetle was fully warped around by spider silk and one just entangled on web. Both were still struggling. The spider web is a large orb web could be belonged to a large Garden Orb Weaver or similar.  The spider was not there. The spider could not hurt the beetles anyway, except keep them on the web. 
PWC_9138.jpg (82654 bytes) PWC_9120.jpg (87397 bytes) PWC_9127.jpg (150712 bytes)
We removed the two beetles from the web and clean the silk. For the fully warped beetle, we needed to carefully remove the silks using a knife. 
One beetle gave me a bite when I held it on hand. Its mandibles were not sharp and did not cut into my skin. On my hand, they kept making the loud stridulation noise and I can feel the vibration as well.  
PWC_9121.jpg (122226 bytes) PWC_9133.jpg (198578 bytes) PWC_9134.jpg (226049 bytes)
Both beetles walked off my hand and dropped onto the ground. They quickly walked into the plant materials and hide away.
PWC_9157.jpg (217759 bytes) 
Since two beetles got caught by the spider which build web only at night time, this indicated that the Bess Beetles could be a night time active flier.  

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