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Black Nail Beetle - Repsimus manicatus


This page contains information and pictures about Black Nail Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 20mm
The beetle is dark bluish with purplish brown pronotum. The beetle has immensely developed hind legs with large triangular tibiae. Larvae live in sandy soils along river banks 
DSCN0924.jpg (251180 bytes) wpe3.jpg (47358 bytes)
We found two Black Nail Beetles on a Red Bottle Brush Plant Callistemon citrinus on early December. They were on the plant just next to the water of Bulimba Creek in Wishart Bushland. We only found this beetle once.
wpe3.jpg (30180 bytes) wpe9.jpg (31932 bytes) DSCN0925.jpg (229258 bytes)
The two beetles were just resting on the plant. On of the beetle moved slowly when we come very close.
wpe8.jpg (24926 bytes) wpe1.jpg (28224 bytes) DSCN0930 (2).jpg (274806 bytes)
The beetles were shiny dark bluish in colour, just like the polished black finger nail, so we call them Black Nail Beetles.   
wpe5.jpg (27161 bytes) wpe7.jpg (30202 bytes) wpeE.jpg (27038 bytes)
When disturbed, the first beetle raised both its hind legs. 
We found two beetles on the plant. Both have enlarged hind legs so we believed both were males. The 2nd beetle dropped onto the ground and flied to the other side of the creek after we took the about photos.
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