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Dung Beetles - Subfamily Scarabaeinae

Family Scarabaeidae

This page contains information and pictures about Dung Beetles in Subfamily Scarabaeinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Beetles in this subfamily have the round stout body. Usually they are black, dark brown or dark green in colour. They do not have the triangle-shaped scutellum. They have very long hind legs. Their front legs are short but strong which are for digging in soil and dung. They are Dung Beetles.
Adult Dung Beetle males and females usually look differently. Most males have the prominent horn while females luck such armatures. Larvae are hump-backed and most feed on marsupial dung. Some others feed on fungi or decaying plant materials.  

Black Dung Beetle
DSC_4478.jpg (140086 bytes)  DSC_4479.jpg (139812 bytes)
Onthophagus chepara, body length 20mm
The Dung Beetle was found on leaves in Tamborine on Apr 2008. Please check this page for more pictures and information.
Greed Dung Beetle
DSC_4810.jpg (308754 bytes)  DSC_1716.jpg (371224 bytes)
Onthophagus tweedensis, body length 15mm
This Green Dung Beetle is dark green in colour with its wings cover dark green to almost black. We have more information and pictures about this Green Dung Beetle in this page.
Punctated Dung Beetle
DSC_3761.jpg (199631 bytes)  DSC_3758.jpg (200700 bytes) 
Onthophagus tenebrosus, body length 10mm
This Dung Beetle is black in colour with pale brown antenna. Surface is densely and coarsely punctated. There are two small lobes on the head shows that it is a major major male. Please check this page for more information.

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