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Christmas Beetles - Subfamily Rutelinae

Family Scarabaeidae

This page contains information and pictures about Christmas Beetles in Subfamily Melolonthinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

The beetles in this subfamily are usually large and stout build. They are brightly coloured and some are metallic. 
Adults feed and mate on tree during the day, lay eggs in soil or under fallen bark and logs. Their life cycle is usually more than one year. Larvae are C-shaped and soil-dwelling, feed on roots and other organic matter. They pupate in cell deep in soil. When become adults, they stay remains in the cell, wait until rain softens the soil and come out. This makes the adults come out from soil in the same time, synchronizes as the mating flight.
Some genus in this subfamily are known as Christmas Beetles, huge number appear during Christmas days in Australia. They hang on tree just  like the decorations on Christmas tree.  


Common Christmas Beetle
  wpe1A.jpg (23464 bytes)
Anoplognathus porosus, body length 25mm
There are different species in the Anoplognathus genus all commonly called Christmas Beetles. As their name implies, those beetles are most numerous around Christmas, during mid-summer in Brisbane. They are metallic green in colour and with the beautiful texture on their elytra. More information and pictures in this page.
White Christmas Beetle
wpe27.jpg (34907 bytes)  wpe2C.jpg (26451 bytes)
Anoplognathus pallidicollis, body length 25mm
This Christmas Beetle was found in Karawatha Forest feeding on gum leaves. It was early December. This beetle looks like the A. porosus, above but paler in colour and smaller dots pattern. Check this page for more information.
Golden Christmas Beetle
  wpe2.jpg (29680 bytes)
Anoplognathus chloropyrus, body length 25mm
There are different species in the Anoplognathus genus all commonly called Christmas Beetles. All of them have very large claws. Christmas Beetles feed on different eucalypt trees. Some with distinct preferences on some particular species. Please also visit this page for more information and pictures on this Golden  Brown Christmas Beetle.
Green Christmas Beetle
DSCN0365.jpg (275718 bytes)  DSCN0360.jpg (318618 bytes)
Anoplognathus punctulatus, body length 25mm
This Green Christmas Beetle flied into our room when we had the Christmas break in a resort in Lamington National Park on 2010. Please check this page for more information.

Black Nail Beetle
wpe1.jpg (26070 bytes)  wpe3.jpg (30180 bytes)
Repsimus manicatus, body length 22mm, 
The beetle is dark bluish with purplish brown pronotum. The male has immensely developed hind legs with large triangular tibiae. Larvae live in sandy soils along river banks. More information and pictures can be found in this page.

Small Brown Scarab
  DSC_7325.jpg (164034 bytes)
? Mimadoretus sp., Anoplognathini, body length 5mm 
We sometime found this beetle trying to dig into the soil on ground. Although this small beetle look fat, it does slowly fly away when disturbed. Please check this page for more information.
Small Black Scarab
DSC_6250.jpg (354934 bytes)  DSC_6254.jpg (324097 bytes)
? Mimadoretus sp., Anoplognathini, body length 5mm
Please check this Small Black Scarab page for more informtion. 

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