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Brown Bess Beetle - Aulacocyclus sp. 

Family Passalidae

This page contains information and pictures about Brown Bess Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length  30mm
We found this group of Bess Beetles when we accidentally open a rotten log. There was a moist area just next to a small creek in Venman Bushland on Sep 2011. There were a dark brown adult, four to five brown adults and three to four large larvae living in the chamber of the rotten wood. There were also two earth worms. 
DSC_4120.jpg (482773 bytes) DSC_4121.jpg (506200 bytes) 
They are shiny, dark brown and brown in colours with body parallel-sided. Wing-covers have parallel grooves along. There is a narrow waist between prothorax and elytra, scutellum is not visible. 
DSC_4112.jpg (471876 bytes) DSC_4117.jpg (396247 bytes) 

Passalid Larvae

DSC_4118.jpg (406243 bytes) DSC_4116.jpg (520362 bytes) DSC_4115.jpg (519230 bytes)
Larvae look similar to Scarab larvae, are grub-liked but not in c-shaped, always live in concealed habitats, sluggish, cylindrical, with a well-developed head. 

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