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Subfamily Cetoniinae - Flower Beetles

Family Scarabaeidae

This page contains information and pictures about Flower Beetles Subfamily Cetoniinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Beetles in this subfamily are some what flattened, some are metallic in colour. They active during the day, most are seen feeding on flowers. Adults' mouth-parts are modified for nectar feeding.  They are active flyer, can fly rapidly by spreading their wings without raising the elytra. 
DSC_3137.jpg (445847 bytes) DSC_3141.jpg (333192 bytes) DSC_3151.jpg (495579 bytes)
Larvae live in soil or dead tree trunk. They feed on rotten wood or decaying plant materials. 

Cowboy Beetle
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Chondropyga dorsalis, (Diaphonia dorsalis), Schizorhinini, body length 25mm
This beetle is commonly seen flying around very fast during day time in shrubs early summer in Brisbane. It is yellowish-brown in colour with a black stripe on the middle. Its body is relatively flatten. The beetle feeds on nectar. Please check this page for more information.
Reddish-brown Flower Beetle
DSC_1451.jpg (148848 bytes)  DSC_1453.jpg (102983 bytes)
Aphanestes gymnopleura, body length 20mm 
The beetle is reddish-brown in colour. On Nov 2009 in Anstead Forest, we found this beetle sitting on the tip of a dry stem. It was a male. It opened it antenna seemed waiting for something. We believed the beetle was detecting the smell of a female. Check this page for more information. 
Fiddle Beetle
DSC_0320.jpg (120396 bytes)  wpe9.jpg (35958 bytes)
Eupoecila australasiae, Schizorhinini, body length 18mm
The beetle is dark brown in colour with violin-shaped bright green pattern and this give its common name. The beetle was found feeding on gum tree flower nectar on early summer. More pictures and information can be found in this page.
Spotted Flower Chafer
wpe6.jpg (41794 bytes)  PWC_7825.jpg (192969 bytes)
Neorrhina punctatum (punctata), (Polystigma punctatum), body length 20mm
This beetle was once called Polystigma punctatum. We took this picture when the beetle rest on the Hibiscus leaf in our backyard in early summer. The beetle is pale brown in colour with many large black dots on its thorax and wing covers. We have more pictures and information in this page.
Brown Flower Beetle
wpe3.jpg (29655 bytes)  wpe6.jpg (36449 bytes)
Glycyphana stolata, Cetoniini, body length 15mm
This beetle is feeding on nectar in gum tree flowers. Above pictures were taken in October, late spring or early summer in Brisbane. More information and pictures can be found in this page.
Mango Flower Beetle, Mottled Flower Scarab
wpe5.jpg (31055 bytes)  DSC_8850.jpg (101928 bytes)
Protaetia fusca, Cetoniini, body length 11mm
This beetle length 11mm, with some white dots on black wing covers. We found them on early summer. For more information please click on here.
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