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Garden Orb Web Spider - Eriophora transmarina


This page contains pictures and information about Garden Orb Web Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Leg to leg 50mm or larger
The Garden Orb Web Spiders  also called Araneus Spiders, Garden Orb-weaver,  Wheelweaving Spiders or Orbweaving Spiders. They are very common in Brisbane and can be found in almost any bushy backyard.
Garden Orb Web Spiders are nocturnal spiders. The mature female spiders are about 50mm (leg to leg) in size. Males are much smaller, about 25mm. The spiders are brown in colour with variety patterns on their flat abdomen. They build vertical orb web in garden and bushland. The spiders sit in the middle of the web and waiting for insects in night time. They build webs between trees or shrubs. The webs are usually one meter in diameter and about one or two meters above ground. The spider leaves a hole at the centre of the web.
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Garden Orb Web Spiders build webs after sunset and move into retreat during the day time. The retreat can be leaves or tree trunks near by. When they rest, their legs fold up tightly against its body. If their webs are not damaged, they may leave the webs for next night, or they eat all the web silk just before sun rise. When they collect the web silks, usually they will leave the top silk, the bridge thread. (There are some advantages for the spiders to leave the bridge thread on site. Details are discussed in the following section).
Females make egg-sacs near, usually with their retreat, often hidden in the curve of a leaf.  
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