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Black Bess Beetle
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Black Dung Beetle
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Punctated Dung Beetle 
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Common Christmas Beetle
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Golden Christmas Beetle
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Mango Flower Beetle


Subfamily Dynastinae

Family Scarabaeidae

This page contains information and pictures about Black Scarab Subfamily Dynastinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Beetles in this subfamily are stout bodied, usually black or dark brown in colour. Males and females may look different in this subfamily. Males bear horns which are disproportionately large. Adults do not feed on leaves and are active at night.
Larvae live in soil feed on roots or decaying plant matter or rotten logs.  

Rhinoceros Beetle
Xylotrupes gideon, body length 50-60mm
Rhinoceros Beetles are  also called Elephant Beetles. The male and female are look quite different. Larvae feed on roots and decaying vegetables. To see more information on this beetle please click here.
Dynastine Beetle              
     A      B
A, female  B, male
Dasygnathus trituberculatus, body length 23mm
Those beetles are active at night. They are dark brown to almost black in colour. Male and female are look different. They sometimes come to the light on summer night. We had identified this beetle as Semanopterus solidus. Thank you to our visitor Yannig Ponchel from Paris, he advised us by email that this should be Dasygnathus trituberculatus.

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