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Green-legged Matchstick - Callitala major


This page contains pictures and information about Green-legged Matchstick Grasshoppers that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Male, body length 35mm
This Grasshopper is known as Matchstick Grasshopper. The grasshopper is not easily seen because of their well camouflage. Both male and female are wingless, with very elongated body. Their head is long and pointed. They have large compound eyes, this suggests that they are active at night.
PC9_1298.jpg (173651 bytes) PC9_0554.jpg (113119 bytes) PC9_0554a.jpg (148477 bytes)
We recognized the ID of this Matchstick by the shape of the cercus at the end of male body and its antenna.   


PC9_1299.jpg (277691 bytes) PC9_1298.jpg (304773 bytes) PC9_1299.jpg (290718 bytes)
Pictures were taken on May 2009, Buhot Creek on Daisy Hills 
PC9_0564.jpg (260889 bytes) PC9_0554.jpg (170641 bytes) PC9_0564.jpg (262533 bytes)
Pictures were taken in Anstead Forest on Mar 2009. 
PC9_0563.jpg (205672 bytes)   
We found this Matchstick on Acacia a few times, included the Queensland Sliver Wattle (Acacia podalyriifolia) and the Brisbane Wattle (Acacia fimbriata). They are also found on other plants in Eucalypt Forest.


wpe2.jpg (24971 bytes) wpe2.jpg (17614 bytes)
We took the above pictures at Northbrook Creek near Lake Wivenhoe. 
DSC_4419.jpg (243637 bytes) DSC_4423.jpg (210210 bytes) DSC_4415.jpg (236471 bytes)
This Matchstick Grasshopper has the slender and smooth body. It has the relatively long and straight antenna, with 13-15 segments (12 preorganal and 0.5-2.5 postorganal articles).   
DSC_4428.jpg (216322 bytes) DSC_4417.jpg (245415 bytes) DSC_4412.jpg (198437 bytes) 
Pictures were taken in Ford Road Conservation Area on Apr 2008. The Matchstick was feeding leaves on a Brisbane Wattle. 
DSC_3027.jpg (235937 bytes) DSC_3027.jpg (149041 bytes)
Karawatha Forest Jan 2010. The Matchstick was struggling on a spider web.    

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