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White Uloborid spider - Philoponella variabilis ?


This page contains pictures and information about White Uloborid spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 6mm
This is a smaller spider will creamy colour. They build small incomplete orb web, mostly horizontal, usually not as perfect as those built by spiders in other web building families
DSC_0634.jpg (141893 bytes) DSC_0638.jpg (124637 bytes) DSC_0651.jpg (131469 bytes)
They body shape and colours of this species is vary between individuals. 
DSC_0652.jpg (134612 bytes) DSC_0654.jpg (116563 bytes) DSC_0655.jpg (146295 bytes)
Like all other spiders in the Uloboridae family,  they are not venom. They capture prey only rely on wrapping by silk.
DSC_0708.jpg (184175 bytes) DSC_0710.jpg (174118 bytes) DSC_0713.jpg (199546 bytes)
Above pictures show a female with empty egg-sac and juveniles. All of the have the similar camouflaged colours. 
DSC_0709.jpg (128381 bytes)
Juveniles, body length 1mm 
Photos were taken on Oct 2009 near Buhot Creek in Daisy Hills.
DSC_0662.jpg (173489 bytes) DSC_0661.jpg (128941 bytes) DSC_1409.jpg (192390 bytes)
They build small incomplete orb web, mostly horizontal and a bit messy, not as perfect as those built by spiders in other web building families.  
DSC_1401.jpg (186623 bytes) DSC_1404.jpg (160668 bytes) DSC_1412.jpg (170229 bytes)
The spider and its egg-sac is very well camouflaged.  

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2. Philoponella variabilis or related species - Save Our Waterways Now. 

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Last updated: December 06, 2009.