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Brown House Spider - Badumna longingua (former Ixeuticus longingua)

This page contains pictures and information about Brown House Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 10mm
Brown House Spiders are brown to dark brown in colour with patterns on abdomen. They looked very similar to the Back House Spiders especially when they were young. It is not possible to distinguish them from photos. We may have mix them up in this two web pages.   
DSC_1060.jpg (182685 bytes) DSC_1057.jpg (183035 bytes) DSC_1605.jpg (208360 bytes)
Brown House Spiders are common in Brisbane bushes. They build tangled web amount green leaves, dry plants, stems and tree trunks.   
DSC_1637.jpg (224181 bytes) DSC_1634.jpg (201412 bytes) DSC_1635.jpg (201450 bytes)
The Brown House Spiders looked very similar to the Black House Spiders. We identified those found in the bushes with lighter brown colour as Brown House Spider, those found near houses with darker brown colour as Black House Spiders. 
wpeB.jpg (35837 bytes) wpe3.jpg (39117 bytes) DSC_1508_1.jpg (223008 bytes)
The spider is usually active at night, hides inside retreat during the day. The above first picture shows a small Black House Spider catches a Long Legged Fly
DSC_9379.jpg (72907 bytes) DSC_9373.jpg (87908 bytes)
Above pictures show the spider captured an unknown green fly.
DSC_0075.jpg (194095 bytes) DSC_2195.jpg (158338 bytes) PWC_8088.jpg (219163 bytes)
 wpe6.jpg (27529 bytes)
Above pictures show the Brown House Spider was building tangled web outside the retreat. Every evening the spider either repair the web or extend it. The prey, usually small insects,  that lands on the web are caught and consumed in the retreat.

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2. Badumna longingua - The Find-a-spider Guide for the Spiders of Southern Queensland, Dr Ron Atkinson, 2008.

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