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Golden Orb-Weaver 2 - Nephila edulis


This page contains pictures and information of  Golden Orb Web Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm 
The spiders are brown in colour. They have long legs, pale brown in colour with dark brown joints. Their first, second and fourth pairs of legs have brushes of black hairs. The third pair of legs are the shortest and no brush. The abdomen is long oval shaped. Their head is covered with silvery hairs. 
DSCN1402.jpg (87029 bytes) NEPHIL1.jpg (30059 bytes) wpe3.jpg (30894 bytes)
The pictures show the spider just captured a grasshopper (Macrotona mjoebergi). 
DSCN1417.jpg (103169 bytes) DSC_1588.jpg (116022 bytes) DSC_1590.jpg (129230 bytes)
Unlike the spiders in Araneidae family which first wrap their prey in silk after capture and then bites it, Golden Orb Web spider bites the prey first and then wrap with silk. 
goldenWebBottom2.jpg (82520 bytes) GoldenWebBottom1.jpg (94267 bytes)
Unlike the other Golden Orb-Weaver which builds web could be high of a few meters above ground. This spider usually build web about one meter above ground. 

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