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FAMILY NEPHILIDAE - Nephilid Spiders

The group has recently been raised to family level status. It includes the Australia's biggest spiders, the Golden Orb Weavers. They were formerly grouped in the families Araneidae and then Tetragnathidae
Drawing by Tony, age 7..
Unlike the spiders in Araneidae family which first wrap their prey in silk after capture and then bites it, spiders in this family bite the prey first and then wrap with silk.   

Golden Orb-Weaver 1
  wpe19.jpg (34739 bytes)
Nephila plumipes, body length female 20mm, male 5mm
The spider makes golden webs. The head is covered with silver hairs. The fangs are large and strong. The body is uniform yellow brown to silver grey. The legs are long and black with yellow joints and can span the width of an average adult hand. There is the detail information in this Golden Orb-Weaver page.
Golden Orb-Weaver 2
DSC_1588.jpg (116022 bytes)  goldenWebBottom2.jpg (82520 bytes)
Nephila edulis, body length 20mm
The spiders are brown in colour. They have long legs, pale brown in colour with dark brown joints. Their first, second and fourth pairs of legs have brushes of black hairs. The third pair of legs are the shortest and no brush. The abdomen is long oval shaped. Their head is covered with silvery hairs. Please check this page for more information. 

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