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Green-yellow Comb-footed Spider - Theridion sp.

Family Theridiidae

This page contains pictures and information about Green-yellow Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Leg to leg 20mm 
We saw this Green-yellow Comb-footed Spider once in Daisy Hills Sep 2008. We found two spiders together in a tangled web on a small plant. The two spiders had the same patterns on their abdomen, the large one is green and the smaller one is yellow in colours. As a general rule, we thought the smaller on was the male visiting a female in her web.
PWC_6579.jpg (145862 bytes) PWC_6580.jpg (198245 bytes) PWC_6580m.jpg (142867 bytes)
This is quite save to say that this pair of small comb-footed spiders are in genus Theridion.  At the moment quite a number of small spiders of different species which are not studied in details are put in this genus. 
PWC_6582.jpg (127734 bytes) PWC_6584.jpg (110509 bytes)

1. Achaearanea and Theridion spp. - Robert Whyte, Save Our Waterways Now.

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