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Silver Orb Spider - Leucauge granulata (L. dromedaria)


This page contains pictures and information about Silver Orb Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. Silver Orb Spiders are also known as Silver Camel Spiders
Body length 10mm
Silver Orb spiders have the bright silver oval-shaped abdomens with black patterns. Their long legs and head are yellowish green to dark green in colour. They are common in Brisbane bushes and backyards, especially in moisture areas.
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The spiders also are known as Horizontal Orb Spider. They build inclined or horizontal orb webs, although vertical webs can sometimes be seen. They build complete orb web without stabilimentum.  
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The spiders build webs above one meter from ground, about one meter in diameter. Those webs are either built above shrubs or near water. They targeted to trap those flying insects that landing or ascending on/from plants/water surface.  
DSC_3166.jpg (163214 bytes) DSC_3160.jpg (154695 bytes) wpe28.jpg (143586 bytes)
Because of their long legs, they can build the web with wide space between radii, i.e., less radii are needed. Also the silks used are thin and the webs look weak (comparing with Araneidae). They wait for their prey in the middle of the web both day and night.
wpe6.jpg (16118 bytes) DSC_0014.jpg (119389 bytes)
When waiting for prey on horizontal orb web, they hang at the centre of the web with its back facing the ground. Its camouflage colours are the same theme as the fish body's colour, i.e., darker on the upper side and silvery near the lower side. From the bottom of the web the preys sees the silver colour that mimic the sky. Looking from the top see the dark grenn-yellow patterns which mimic the plants on below.    
wpe33a.jpg (147103 bytes) wpe19.jpg (15206 bytes) DSC_0691.jpg (102035 bytes)
Silver Orb Spiders like to build webs near fresh water, such as creek or pond. Because of their web is horizontal, it easily traps the insects fly up after drinking water.
wpe7.jpg (24894 bytes) wpe1.jpg (24518 bytes) DSC_0692.jpg (177248 bytes)
Males look similar but smaller size with longer legs. They are less often seen than females.

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