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FAMILY DESIDAE - Lace Wed Spiders

Spiders in this family are small to medium size spiders, with round or oval abdomen dark or brown in colour. Their eight eyes are in two rows of four. They build tangled web with a tubular retreat. 
Usually there are the the silken sheet at one end of of their retreat. The prey that lands on the sheet is caught and consumed in the retreat. The egg sac is made in the funnel and the male often stays with the female. They produce cribellate silks (not sticky, but zigzag and elastic). 

Black House Spider
DSC_0808.jpg (263941 bytes)  DSC_0393.jpg (279646 bytes)
Badumna insignis (former Ixeuticus robustus), body length 15mm
Black House Spiders build tangled web outside theirs retreat. Every evening the spider either repairs the web or extends it. The prey, usually small insects,  that lands on the web is caught and consumed in the retreat. Please also visit this page for more information.
Brown House Spider
DSC_1637.jpg (224181 bytes)  DSC_9373.jpg (87908 bytes)
Badumna longingua (former Ixeuticus longingua), body length 10mm
The Brown House Spiders looked very similar to the Black House Spiders above. We identified those found in the bushes with lighter brown colour as Brown House Spider, those found with larger size and darker brown colour as Black House Spiders. We have more pictures and information about Brown House Spider in this page.

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