Orange Black Stink Bug


Spined Predatory Shield Bug - Oechalia schellenbergii

Family Pentatomidae

This page contains pictures and information about Spined Predatory Shield Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm
The Spined Predatory Shield Bug is mottled brown in colour.  It is easily recognised by the sharp spines on either side of the shoulder.
DSCN7527.jpg (173609 bytes) wpeA.jpg (38000 bytes)
The above 1st picture was taken in Brisbane Botanic Garden on early winter 2001. It was on a leaf with leaf-mining pattern. It seemed to us that it was looking for the leaf-mining insect. The bugs feed with piercing-sucking mouthparts on caterpillars and other soft body insects. 
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The Spined Predatory Shield Bug is also a predator of the leaf beetle larvae. In mid-summer 2005, we saw a young gum tree in Karawatha Forest which was heavily infected by the leaf beetle larvae. However, near every group of feeding beetle larvae, there was a Spined Predatory Shield Bug attacking them. 
DSCN7530.jpg (189486 bytes) 

Eggs and Nymphs 

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1st instars
There are five nymph stages. They are all brightly coloured black and red.  
DSCN2187.jpg (49296 bytes) DSCN2189.jpg (142897 bytes) DSCN2196.jpg (137041 bytes)
Egg-shell                                                              1st instars 
Their eggs are black in colour and are usually laid in multiples of 14. The nymphs are dark red and brown in colour. 
wpeB.jpg (26314 bytes) DSCN7302.jpg (110324 bytes) 
5th instars 
Above picture shows the young bug with its prey - the leaf beetle larvae

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