Orange Black Stink Bug


Zebra Gum Tree Shield Bug - Poecilometis histricus

Family Pentatomidae

This page contains pictures and information about Zebra Gum Tree Shield Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Length 20mm
We took those pictures at Macgregor and Wishart bushland from later winter to late summer. They look similar to the other Gum Tree Shield Bugs that we found.
DSC_5546.jpg (144919 bytes) DSC_5548.jpg (168594 bytes) PC9_0941.jpg (156725 bytes)
This is the medium size stink bug. On body there are the coarse dense brownish punctuations and patches and lines of chocolate brown on yellowish brown ground colour.  
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The bug is usually found feeding on smooth bark gum tree trunk. They suck the juice from the Gum tree.  
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However, we sometimes found them sucking nectar on flowers and feeding on Monkey Rope (Parsonsia straminea).
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Bugs in this family are known also as stink bugs and produce foul smelling defensive liquids. 
DSC_2465.jpg (102161 bytes) DSCN0062.jpg (70023 bytes)
The small hole between its legs, is the scent-gland outlet, from which the bug ejects the smelly liquid. The other holes on its abdomen are the spiracles where air enter the insect body for respiration. 
PWC_5930.jpg (282644 bytes) DSC_5320.jpg (106936 bytes) DSC_5319.jpg (116330 bytes)


DSCN0204.JPG (148962 bytes)
3rd instars 
PWC_8266.jpg (169092 bytes)
4th instars 
wpe1.jpg (42384 bytes) wpe27.jpg (46197 bytes) DSCN0924.jpg (183893 bytes)  
5th instars, body length 15mm
There are many different species of Gum Tree Shield Bugs which look similar. Their nymph are even harder to be distinguished. We found this nymph on the same tree trunk with the adult many time and we are quite sure that they are the same species.
wpe3A.jpg (42669 bytes) wpe3C.jpg (55882 bytes) PWC_6006.jpg (220676 bytes)
5th instars

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