Orange Black Stink Bug


Brown Shield Bug - Poecilometis sp.

Family Pentatomidae

This page contains pictures and information about Brown Shield Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm
This bug is always found on leaf instead of tree trunk on different kind of plants, including gum tree leaves, milkweeds, grasses and banksias. This bug can be found in both rainforest and Eucalyptus forest.
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Bugs in this family are known also as stink bugs and produce foul smelling defensive liquids. 
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This Brown Shield Bug looks similar to Poecilometis, but can be distinguished by the presence of four (appearing as five) antennal segments.
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Eggs shell and 2nd instars 
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Two 3rd instars and a nymph of Golden Brown Shield Bug 
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4th instars
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5th instars 
Their nymphs are black and white in colour. The antenna are yellow with dark end. Unlike other Gum Tree Shield Bugs which are found on the Gum tree trunk, this species are usually found on the leaves.
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5th instars 

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