Orange Black Stink Bug


Stink Bugs - Subfamily Pentatominae 

Family Pentatomidae

This page contains pictures and information about Stink Bugs in Subfamily Pentatominae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Pentatominae nymphs just emerged
We found quite a number of Stink Bug species in Brisbane. Most of them (except 3 in Asopinae and 1 in Podopinae) are sub-family Pentatominae. They are listed as follow.

Tribe Antestini - We found two species of this tribe in Brisbane. Bugs in this tribe are usually colourful. 
Tribe Halyini - The bugs have the shield shape body. They are usually from brown to dark brown in colour, with triangular scutellum.
 Tribe Carpocorini and AgonoscelidiniThe stink bugs in this group are small to medium size, usually with shiny dark colours. 
Tribe Diemenini and Menidini - They are small to medium in size. The juga sometimes surpass the apex of the anteclypeus. 
Tribe Nezarini - We found two species of this tribe in Brisbane. They are green in colour.
Tribe Rhynchocorini - We found three species of this tribe in Brisbane. All of them have spiny shoulder.
Other Stink Bugs - All other stink bugs in subfamily Pentatominae are listed in this page.
Or check our Stink Bugs Field Guide.

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