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Yellow Brown Paper Wasp - Ropalidia romandi


This page contains pictures and information about the Yellow Brown Paper Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 12mm 
We found this Yellow Paper Wasp near Bulimba Creek in Wishart on Oct 2007. This wasp is small in size, with more yellow colour than the other small brown paper wasps
DSC_9015.jpg (70560 bytes) DSC_9017.jpg (86152 bytes)
The wasp was hunting on small plants. It did not care too much on our approaching. We did not find its nest yet. From reference it is a large paper nest with multi-layered structure and outer covering. If you find it, do not disturb it for the wasps will give very painful sting.

Hunting On Leaves

DSC_9369.jpg (89347 bytes) DSC_9357.jpg (76636 bytes) DSC_9361.jpg (81310 bytes)
We found another one about the same area on Nov 2007. They could be belong to the same nest. Will follow them next time to track their nest. 
DSC_9355.jpg (70373 bytes) DSC_3716.jpg (109632 bytes) DSC_3718.jpg (136554 bytes)
DSC_1331.jpg (254515 bytes) 

Enveloped Nest

This Brown Paper Wasp species build large enveloped nest. There are many layers of comb inside. 
DSC_2608.jpg (292689 bytes) DSC_2609.jpg (291895 bytes) DSC_2612.jpg (263443 bytes)
Nest length 25cm 
In Karawatha Forest we found a abandon paper nest on the ground. The nest was multi-layered structure and with outer covering. Which looked like be the nest of Yellow Paper Wasps. 

Collecting Water

DSC_4130.jpg (340353 bytes) DSC_4133.jpg (304658 bytes) DSC_4134.jpg (319868 bytes) 

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