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Orange Potter Wasp - Eumenes latreilli


This page contains pictures and information about Orange Potter Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 20mm
This wasp is bright orange red with high contrast black marking warning colours. Female wasp builds pot-shaped mud cells. Potter wasps prey on caterpillars which they paralyze and place inside cells in their nests.
wpe1B.jpg (57706 bytes) DSCN4719.jpg (350890 bytes) DSCN4720.jpg (381759 bytes)
The wasp collecting mud to build mud pot 
On early summer we saw this red-orange Potter Wasp picking up mud from the loose soil ground. We believed this wasp was collecting soils to build pot nest for its young. We did not found their mud pots yet.
DSC_4514.jpg (307301 bytes) DSC_4513.jpg (231266 bytes)
Above pictures show the wasp collection mud on wet ground.  
wpe1A.jpg (24652 bytes) wpe1E.jpg (21379 bytes)
The above first picture the wasp was cleaning its mouth or front legs. We can see its mouth parts. The long jaws which it uses them to build the pot and carry prey. The long tongue which it uses it to feed on the nectar from flowers. Watch carefully in the second pictures, we can see its sting at the abdomen tip.
DSCN4986.jpg (232993 bytes) DSCN4990.jpg (267996 bytes) DSCN4992.jpg (277449 bytes)

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