Metallic Brown Spider Wasp


Fire-tailed Mud-nesting Wasp 1 - ? Anterhynchium sp.


This page contains pictures and information about Fire-tailed Mud-nesting Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

Body length 20mm
This wasp has the dark head and thorax. Its abdomen is bright orange in colour. 
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We first saw this wasp in Karawatha Forest during mid summer. It was collecting mud from loose soil.
PWC_8979.jpg (111739 bytes) PWC_8984.jpg (156596 bytes) PWC_8984.jpg (296446 bytes)
Jan 2008, Anstead, the wasp was collecting mud on loose soil.

1. Northern Territory Insects, A Comprehensive Guide CD - Graham Brown, 2009.
2. Anterhynchium {genus} - Arthropoda; Insecta; Hymenoptera; Vespidae; Eumeninae - BOLDSYSTEMS.

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