Metallic Brown Spider Wasp


Disc-nest Brown Paper Wasp - Ropalidia gregaria


This page contains pictures and information about the Disc-nest Brown Paper Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 10mm 
The Disc-nest Brown Paper Wasps are brown in colour with yellow rectangular patterns on thorax and yellow band on abdomen. Their nests are wilh peduncle terminal, comb more or less disc shaped. 
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We find this Papernest Brown Paper Wasps nest on road side hanging from a small tree about 1.5 meters above ground. The nest is flat in one layer. 
Notice that some nest cells are empty, some are with larvae or pupa inside.
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They build disk shape paper nest hanging on low plants. The nest is up to 30cm in diameter.  
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We found their nests a few times, all were located within tens of meters near a creek. Above two pictures were taken on April 2007.
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Their nest can grow to very large. Above photos were taken on Mar 2008. 

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