Metallic Brown Spider Wasp


Dark-faced Brown Paper Wasp - Ropalidia gracilenta


This page contains pictures and information about Dark-faced Brown Paper Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 15mm
This is a medium size Paper Wasp. They are reddish brown in colour with creamy-white face. The are the thin white rings on the shoulder, waist and abdomen. 
DSC_1983.jpg (263245 bytes) DSC_1985.jpg (325469 bytes)
This species look very similar to the White-faced Paper Wasp except the dark face and the narrower waist. They build different shape of nest.
DSC_2341.jpg (247575 bytes) DSC_2342.jpg (266232 bytes) DSCN0863.jpg (293016 bytes)
Their nest look like a long stick hanging off the branch. The comb is about 200mm long with one or two columns of cells.
DSC_6329.jpg (228891 bytes) DSC_6331.jpg (225534 bytes) DSC_6333.jpg (236694 bytes)
We found the wasps and their nests a few times in the Eucalypts forests in Brisbane. 

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2. THE MALE OF ROPALIDIA GRACILENTA RICHARDS (HYMENOPTERA: VESPIDAE), WITH NOTES ON THE FEMALE AND A NEST - J. Kojima, Australian Journal of Entomology, Volume 26, Issue 2, pages 149151, May 1987. 

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