Metallic Brown Spider Wasp


Orange Spider Wasp I - Priocnemis bicolor


This page contains pictures and information about Orange Spider Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

Wasp body length 30mm 
This wasp is large. Its head, legs and antenna are black and orange in colour, thorax and eyes are in black colour. Its wings are in orange colour with black tips. On the head head near the ocellus area is dark in colour, 
SCN_0051a.jpg (301560 bytes) SCN_0051.jpg (250117 bytes) DSCN6231.jpg (272679 bytes)
When we took those photos, it was searching on leaves and ground. We believe it was looking for spider as prey to feed its young.
Priocnemis sp. Spider Wasps prey on Sac Spiders (family Clubionidae).

The Spider Wasp found a spider

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We took those pictures in Karawatha Forest during mid summer. The spider had already paralyzed when we found them.
 DSCN8059.JPG (234917 bytes) DSCN8062.JPG (236722 bytes) DSCN8059.jpg (314771 bytes)
The spider seemed too large for the wasp to handle. We watched the wasp for 15 minutes and did not move a bit. 
DSCN8054.jpg (267096 bytes) DSCN8057.jpg (371436 bytes) DSCN8058.jpg (293263 bytes)
Spider Wasp provides one single spider for each cell. So they have to attack spiders about their same size or even slightly bigger.  

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