Metallic Brown Spider Wasp


Yellow Hairy Flower Wasp - Campsomeris tasmaniensis

Family Scoliidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Yellow Hairy Flower Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Male body length 30mm
Those pictures in this web page were all males. Females look quite different, with board orange-yellow bands on abdomen.
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There were a number (more than 10 at a time) of Hairy Flower Wasp flying around in our backyard from May to June 2007. They were flying very close on the lawn and following a circular figure 8 course. Some were waiting on leaves near by. By a short time of observation, we could not find out why they were there. 
DSC_5639.jpg (63039 bytes) DSC_5642.jpg (70188 bytes) DSC_5638.jpg (60872 bytes)
We suspected that there could be the females emerging from the ground and the males just waiting for the mating chance there. They are known to parasite on scarab larvae, includes the Brown Cockchafer larvae which also found under lawn in our backyard.
DSC_5638.jpg (218099 bytes) DSC_5642.jpg (261092 bytes)

We thought that this is the Campsomeris radula. Graham Brown sent us email and advised that this should be the Campsomeris tasmaniensis, C. radula is the northern species.

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