Black Crab Spider - Cymbacha saucia


This page contains pictures and information about Black Crab Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 7mm 
This spider has the typical crab spider look, dark grey to black in colours. It is small in size and not easily be noticed. 
DSC_1556.jpg (140444 bytes) DSC_1561.jpg (151182 bytes) DSC_1560.jpg (173036 bytes)
Nov 2009 in Anstead Forest, when we were inspecting the tangled web of a house spider, we found this Black Crab Spider hiding near the edge of the tangled web (red-circled in the 1st photo above). The Black Crab Spider might want to steal prey from the web or attack the house spider, we could not be so sure. 

DSC_5483.jpg (165417 bytes) DSC_5484.jpg (191615 bytes) DSC_5486.jpg (202399 bytes)
On Apr 2010 in Karawatha Forest we found this small Black Crab Spider. On a gum leaf it tip was folded and attached by silks. We open it a bit and the spider came out.   
DSC_5490.jpg (174023 bytes) 
We found an egg-sac inside and understood that the spider was a female.  

1. Cymbacha saucia - The Find-a-spider Guide for the Spiders of Southern Queensland, Dr Ron Atkinson, 2008.
2. Cymbacha saucia  - Robert Whyte, Save Our Waterways Now.   

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