Giant Grey Huntsman Spider - Holconia immanis (former Isopeda immanis).


This page contains pictures and information about Giant Grey Huntsman Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Male, leg to leg 100mm
This is a very large huntsman spider, one of the largest huntsmen found in Australia. The body is reddish grey in colour, with brown-white bended legs. There is the dark brown dagger pattern on top of abdomen. Pictures show a male. We can tell it is a male by its larger palps. Female is even larger in body size, has the relatively larger abdomen and smaller palps. Otherwise they look the same.
DSC_9483.jpg (66159 bytes) DSC_9487.jpg (77322 bytes) DSC_9485.jpg (104062 bytes)
We found the spider when it was hiding under loose bark of a large smooth-bark gum tree. When disturbed, it jumped onto the ground and ran away. 
DSC_9489.jpg (140610 bytes) DSC_9490.jpg (150084 bytes)
From my experience of encountered with this spider and other huntsman spiders, we believed huntsmen's eye sight is very poor. For this spider, it could not distinguish my leg and a tree trunk from half a meter. When the spider was running on the floor, it tried to find something for a shelter, it ran towards and climbed on my leg. When I moved, it knew my leg was not a tree trunk. It then dropped and ran to a real tree trunk.  
Pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest on Nov 2007 early summer.

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