Flat Huntsman Spider - Delena cancerides 


This page contains pictures and information about Flat Huntsman Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Leg to leg 100mm
We found this Giant Huntsman Spider in a forest near Wivenhoe Lake on Apr 2001. It was hiding under the lose bark of a gum tree. Its thorax was round and brown in colour, with a 'X' mark on its carapace. The spider had a flatten body. The abdomen was dark brown with black pattern. Its legs were thick, dark brown in colour became black colour in the tips. Its two pairs of forelegs were much longer than its two pairs of hind legs. Its pair of the chelicerae were shiny black in colour. It ran very fast. After I took this picture, it ran away up to the gum tree and disappeared in a second.

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