Long Crab Spider - Runcinia acuminata or Runcinia elongata 


This page contains pictures and information about Long Crab Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 10mm
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We found two Long Crab Spiders in Boondall Wetlands on Nov 2009. One was looking for prey on grass flower heads.
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Its target was a Pintail Beetle, which was also resting on the grass top. 
DSC_1884.jpg (165521 bytes) DSC_1888.jpg (144884 bytes) DSC_1886.jpg (159335 bytes)
Another was guarding egg-sac which built with dry grass seed-head and silks.

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3. Runcinia acuminata or Runcinia elongata - The Find-a-spider Guide for the Spiders of Southern Queensland, Dr Ron Atkinson, 2009.

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