Hairy Crab Spider - Sidymella hirsuta


This page contains pictures and information about Hairy Crab Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Leg to leg 20mm
Most of the Crab Spiders are not hairy except this Hairy Crab Spider. It has the long hairs all around its pale brown body and legs. 
DSC_8447.jpg (64937 bytes) DSC_8451.jpg (71710 bytes)
The spider is just hardly be noticed when resting on hairy plant. 
DSC_8453.jpg (60437 bytes) DSC_8456.jpg (86942 bytes) PWC_8183.jpg (128250 bytes)
This is a small and hairy Crab Spider. We found its a few times in Yimbun Park near Bulimba Creek from early to mid summer. They were always found on hairy plants, although those hairy plants are very different.
DSC_5061.jpg (181113 bytes) DSC_5064.jpg (236096 bytes)
The hairy plants include Lantana. As most other Crab Spiders, it is a slow moving spider. 
DSC_0188.jpg (153315 bytes) DSC_0191.jpg (166093 bytes) DSC_0196.jpg (155949 bytes)
Oct 2009 on the hilltop in Anstead Forest, we found this hairy spider captured a cricket. It dropped its meal and slowly ran away after we took a few photos.  
DSC_0198.jpg (154855 bytes) DSC_0199.jpg (146644 bytes) DSC_0203.jpg (175493 bytes)
This time we found the spider on another hairy plant.

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