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Golden-tail Bull Ant - Myrmecia chrysogaster

Subfamily Myrmeciinae

This page contains pictures and information about Golden-tail Bull Ants that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm
The ant has the black head and body, red legs and golden abdomen. 
PWC_6601.jpg (171590 bytes) PWC_6605.jpg (181501 bytes)
We sometime saw this ant searching on barks and between leaves.
PWC_9090.jpg (143180 bytes) PWC_9092.jpg (149069 bytes) PWC_9093.jpg (168484 bytes)
This Golden-tail Bull Ants are quite common in Karawatha Forest. 
PWC_9096.jpg (115478 bytes) PWC_9099.jpg (151532 bytes)  
DSC_0578.jpg (232076 bytes) DSC_0580.jpg (222081 bytes) PWC_6952.jpg (178968 bytes)
DSC_1314.jpg (188330 bytes) DSC_1317.jpg (163023 bytes) DSC_1313.jpg (183919 bytes)
DSC_3811.jpg (165223 bytes) DSC_3815.jpg (211352 bytes) DSC_3824.jpg (186327 bytes)
DSC_4497.jpg (258384 bytes) DSC_4500.jpg (236579 bytes)

Escaped from Spider Web 

Once we saw a Golden-tail Bull Ant walking on a tree trunk. When we came to have a closer look, the ant ran away and jumped but dropped on to a messy spider web. 
DSC_4509.jpg (139715 bytes) DSC_4519.jpg (156316 bytes) DSC_4529.jpg (131970 bytes)
The ant was entangled by the silks but it seemed not panic at all. It cut the silks bit by bit by its long jaws. About a minute it cut and cleaned most of the entangled silks. The spider is a few centimeters away but did not even try to attacked the ant. The ant slowly walk away on the web.   
DSC_4535.jpg (136935 bytes)
The spider was the Comb-footed Platform Spider. It repaired its messy web after the ant walked away.
We saw different species of bull ants, included the Jumper Ant, walking freely on spider web.  

Found a Spider

PC9_1642.jpg (229752 bytes) PC9_1651.jpg (159629 bytes) PC9_1655.jpg (186443 bytes)
Photos were taken on late winter Aug 2009, when there were not many other insects can be seen. The worker ant found a spider, looked like a Wolf Spider. The ant seemed very excited and rushing back to the nest. We followed it for about 10 minutes, but lose it among the plant materials on the floor.

Predator vs. Predator 

In Ford Road Conservation Area on Oct 2011, We found a Golden-tail Bull Ant fighting with a Garden Jumping Spider on forest floor. We saw them when they are in the middle of the fighting. The spider was biting at the ant's face with her large fangs. The ant returned by punching the spider's abdomen with its tail sting. Both of them were rolling together on ground.
DSC_4925.jpg (282691 bytes) DSC_4926.jpg (280633 bytes) DSC_4928.jpg (315145 bytes)
The fight was vigorous and last for about 10 seconds. The fight ended with the spider stop moving. The ant seemed no hurt although there was some liquid on its face, could be the ant's bleed or the spider's venom.
DSC_4934.jpg (309873 bytes) DSC_4935.jpg (282551 bytes) DSC_4939.jpg (327949 bytes)
The ant then moved the spider to its nest. 

1. Australian Ant Image Database - Australian Ant Image Database, R.W Taylor.

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Fire Ants - We are suffering the Fire Ants problem. 
The Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invicta, is a serious new pest which has been detected in Brisbane, Queensland. 
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