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Giant Jumper Ant - Myrmecia sp.

Subfamily Myrmeciinae

This page contains pictures and information about Giant Jumper Ants that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 25mm
We occasionally found this large ant foraging alone on forest ground. They are dark blue and brown in colours. The colour patterns are exactly the same as the Jumper Ants but double the body size. So we called them Giant Jumper Ants. 
DSC_6957.jpg (83259 bytes) DSC_6936.jpg (135100 bytes)
They do jump when trying to running faster, although not jump so often as the smaller Jumper Ants. They are always found on floorwhile the smaller Jumper Ants were found mostly on leaves, tree trunk and small plants. 
DSC_6958.jpg (76376 bytes) DSC_6964.jpg (92700 bytes)
As all other bulldog ants, they have the angry-looking face and long forward jaws. They are fast and aggressive. They have the strong and well developed sting. They will not hesitate to deliver a painful stings if disturbed.
DSC_6973.jpg (84461 bytes)  DSC_6971.jpg (84866 bytes)
Pictures were taken on August 2007 in Karawatha Forest. 
PWC_6486.jpg (189256 bytes) PWC_6526.jpg (188306 bytes) PWC_7161.jpg (197352 bytes)
DSC_4531.jpg (220293 bytes)
The about photo was taken in Mt Tamborine. 
Please check this page for the general information about Bull Ants. 

1. Insects of Australia and New Zealand - R. J. Tillyard, Angus & Robertson, Ltd, Sydney, 1926, p287.  

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Fire Ants - We are suffering the Fire Ants problem. 
The Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invicta, is a serious new pest which has been detected in Brisbane, Queensland. 
They can be the greatest ecological threat to Australia. More information please visit our Government Fire Ants web site.

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