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Red Spider Ant - Leptomyrmex rufipes

Subfamily Dolichoderinae

This page contains pictures and information about Red Spider Ants that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 12mm
Spider Ants are fast moving, with long legs, long antenna, elongated head and thin body. Red Spider Ants have the orange-brown body with black gaster. 
DSC_3311.jpg (156759 bytes) DSC_3317.jpg (181865 bytes)
When disturbed, they will  cock up their gaster in the air. 
 DSCN2821.jpg (112358 bytes) DSCN2820.jpg (96867 bytes)
In Brisbane, Red Spider Ants are commonly found in wet eucalypt forests and rainforest. They are usually found foraging alone. 
wpe2.jpg (34305 bytes) wpeA.jpg (66560 bytes) DSC_4658.jpg (148701 bytes) 
We found the Red Spider Ants in rainforest and semi-rainforest near Mt Coot-tha, Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious. They were usually running up and down on tree trunk or wandering on forest floor alone. We seldom found them in group as other ants species.
wpe11.jpg (38813 bytes) wpe13.jpg (31183 bytes) DSC_4657.jpg (254108 bytes)
In the above pictures, the ant was alone and working very hard moving a roll of leaf material. Inside the roll could be a small caterpillar. 
DSC_4987.jpg (210498 bytes) PWC_9834.jpg (170297 bytes) PWC_9835.jpg (171731 bytes)
We found one in Mt Tamborine on late winter Sept 2007. It was a cool cloudy day and it was the only ant we found in the rainforest in that day. The ant was wandering alone.
PWC_9843.jpg (163794 bytes) PWC_9847.jpg (157225 bytes) PWC_9848.jpg (158563 bytes) 

1. Wildlife of Greater Brisbane - New edition, Published by Queensland Museum 2007, p171. 

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Fire Ants - We are suffering the Fire Ants problem. 
The Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invicta, is a serious new pest which has been detected in Brisbane, Queensland. 
They can be the greatest ecological threat to Australia. More information please visit our Government Fire Ants web site.

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