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Wasp-mimic Hoverfly - Ceriana (Ceriana) ornata (Cerioides ornata)

This page contains pictures and information about Wasp-mimic Hoverflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 12mm, male
This Hover Fly looked like a wasp. It has dark brown body colour with yellow bands. It has a yellow face with a vertical dark median stripe. On the stripe there are the saw patterns mimic wasp's jaw. The antenna are dark brown and relatively long. Legs are brown then orange-yellow. Abdomen is only slightly constricted at base. Photos show a male, female look the same except the eyes are a bit more separated. 
DSC_6745.jpg (199807 bytes) DSC_6765.jpg (236098 bytes) DSC_6769.jpg (227417 bytes) 
Pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest near the Lagoon on Sep 2010. There were a few of them on a large gum tree trunk. They rested on the tree trunk and dip its abdomen on the bark surface regularly, seemed putting some invisible marks on the tree trunk. We did not know what exactly they were doing. 
DSC_6744.jpg (226395 bytes) DSC_6738n.jpg (231280 bytes) DSC_6765w.jpg (190666 bytes)
This hoverfly mimics Eumenin Wasp. Its face even have the wasp's jaw pattern and its wing colour mimics the wasp's narrow folded wing. 
DSC_6738h.jpg (219453 bytes) DSC_6764h.jpg (143643 bytes) DSC_6765h.jpg (218880 bytes)
From reference information, This Hoverfly parasite attacks Trigona native bee hives. 

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5. "carbonaria" Sugarbag bee - PaDIL. 

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