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Wasp-mimicking Hoverfly - Mesembrius bengalensis

Family Syrphidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Wasp-mimicking Hoverflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 10mm, female
This Wasp-mimicking Hover Fly is bright yellow in colour with black stripes. There are three conspicuous black on thorax. The abdomen is banded with black and yellow. On the 2nd segment the black bands are joined by a median band. The wings are smoked in pale brown. 
wpe17.jpg (36200 bytes) SCN_0001c.jpg (200525 bytes) wpe17.jpg (47369 bytes)  
We often found this wasp-mimicking hover fly in bush near Bulimba Creek early summer. The warning colours just good enough to mimic a wasp. It has short antenna and one pair of wings which tell us it is a fly. From the wing-veins pattern we can tell it is a hoverfly.   
wpe17.jpg (25442 bytes) wpe1.jpg (28231 bytes)
This fly is common along the Bulimba Creek near Sunnybank. The fly was found either resting on leaves or feeding on flowers.
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From reference information  the larvae are aquatic. They are filter feeders in stagnant waters. 


DSCN8401.JPG (98269 bytes) DSCN8400.jpg (234838 bytes) DSCN8400h.jpg (99477 bytes)
Males look about the same as female with paler colour patterns on abdomen. The male in the photos were found together with the females in the same area same time.  
DSCN8391.jpg (138701 bytes) DSCN8398.jpg (198993 bytes)
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