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Slender Hover Flies - Subfamily Syrphinae

Family Syrphidae

This page contains pictures and information about Slender Hover Flies in subfamily Syrphinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Hover Flies in this subfamily Syrphinae are from small to medium in size. They have slender body and short antenna. Most of them mimic small bees or warps with yellow and black bands on abdomen. 
They are also known as Flower Flies. Slender Hover Flies visit flowers as bees and wasps. They are major pollinators of flower plants. They are usually seen hovering or resting on flowers. 
Some species in tribe Syrphini of this subfamily may look very similar. We call all of them Slender Hover Flies. They are hard to be distinguished in the field.

Tribe Bacchini - Small Slender Hover Flies

Small Slander Hover Fly
DSC_5811_8mm.jpg (117303 bytes) DSC_5812.jpg (164107 bytes) DSC_5812h.jpg (127012 bytes)
Melanostoma apicale, body length 6mm
This is a small size Slender Hover Fly. It has the black face, black thorax and black scutellum. Abdomen is pale black with yellow maculae. Antennae and legs are yellow. Please check this page for more information. 
Small Yellow Hover Fly
DSC_2740.jpg (151865 bytes) DSC_5902.jpg (219506 bytes) DSC_2741h.jpg (101183 bytes)
? Melanostoma sp. body length 6mm
Photos taken in Karawatha Forest on May 2010. Please check this page for more information.

Tribe Syrphini - Common Slender Hover Flies

Waisted Slender Hoverfly
DSC_4777.jpg (127426 bytes) DSC_0156.jpg (227586 bytes) DSC_4776h.jpg (168427 bytes)
? Allobacha sp., body length 10mm
This hoverfly has the slender body with yellow and black banded elongated abdomen, with 2nd and 3rd tergum narrower. Thorax is shiny black. The face is pale yellow. Antenna are yellow. Legs are black with yellow tarsus. It wings are tinted to darker colour. Please check this page for more information.
White-banded Slender Hover Fly
DSC_8087.jpg (168222 bytes) DSC_8088.jpg (152581 bytes) DSC_8091h.jpg (123308 bytes)
Betasyrphus serarius body length 10mm.
This Hover Fly has dense gray hairs on face. On eyes there are also covered with fine hairs. The thorax is dark grey in colour with paler colour scutellum. Abdomen is banded with black and white colours. Please check this page for more information.
Grey-banded Hover Fly
wpe17.jpg (24754 bytes) PC9_1746.jpg (193211 bytes) PWC_7253h.jpg (134028 bytes)
Episyrphus sp., body length 6 mm
This is a small hover fly. There is the black stripe on its face. The thorax is black in colour with pale stripes. The scutellum is pale brown in colour. The abdomen is yellow with black and grey cross bands. The grey bands on abdomen is quite variable. Please also check this page for more information.
Yellow-shouldered Slender Hover Fly
SCN_0002a.jpg (136767 bytes) SCN_0001b.jpg (141752 bytes) PC9_0713h.jpg (95121 bytes)
Ischiodon scutellaris, body length 10mm, larvae feeding on aphids, body length 10mm.
This Hover Fly has the yellow edge on each side of thorax. We sometimes find this Hover fly hovering among the hibiscus plants in our backyard. They are searching for aphids.  Their larvae are the predator of aphids. The adults are yellow and black in colour look like bees or wasps. They have the typical fly head with large pair of red compound eyes and short antenna. More pictures and information please can be found in this page.
Black-headed Hover Fly
PC9_1751.jpg (194832 bytes) DSC_0260.jpg (176112 bytes) DSC_9240h.jpg (130373 bytes)
Melangyna sp., body length 10mm.
This Hover Fly has the antenna, head, thorax and scutellum in black colour. We found this species easily near Bulimba Creek. This Hover Fly is common along creek with flowers plants. Please check this page for more information.
Yellow-shouldered Stout Hover Fly
DSC_9658.jpg (69987 bytes) DSCN9774.jpg (124188 bytes) DSC_9658h.jpg (125005 bytes)
Simosyrphus grandicornis, body length 10mm
The Simosyrphus species look very similar to the Ischiodon scutellaris above. They can be distinguished by Simosyrphus sp. has the abdominal tergite 2-5 margined and third antennal segment apically broadly rounded. We have more information in this page.
Orange-banded Slender Hover Fly
DSC_9216.jpg (444406 bytes) DSC_9207.jpg (438678 bytes) DSC_9203L.jpg (580977 bytes)
Sphaerophoria sp., body length 6 mm
We found this hoverfly in Yimbin Park on 2011 Boxing Day. This Hover Fly has the face and scutellum bright yellow in colour. Abdomen is banded with orange-yellow and black. We have many pictures in this page.

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